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Gladstone's Access Report Wizard has made report writing easy for thousands of individuals and companies. But don't just take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials:

The tool has enabled casual users of Microsoft Access to generate fairly complex reports without requiring the help of an Access programmer.
— Bob Clay, University of California
Gladstone's Access Report Writer is a valuable resource that we have benefited from greatly. As a stand-alone tool it is highly functional but we choose to assimilate it into our software by purchasing the source code. Now we have a
great custom report writer!
— Tony Gambee, Latitude Software
Our hat is off to Gladstone, Inc. We added the Access Report Wizard at a very reasonable cost and our users gained a powerful and very easy to use reporting feature. It's made our product much more attractive.
— David M. Rockoff, DataMatrix Solutions
This tool empowers users to create highly-formatted reports without the stress of working in Design View...and is ideal for casual or beginning users because the design layout closely resembles the finished product.
— Sean Kavanagh, element k journals®
The Access Report Wizard is a must-have for anyone who comes in contact with MS Access.
— James Youngblood, JP Consulting

...and has also been featured and reviewed in the leading Microsoft Access™ magazines:

Gladstone's Access Report Wizard has been featured in Access Advisor and Inside Microsoft Access magazines
Requires Adobe Acrobat PDF ReaderClick Here to read the review from "Inside Microsoft Access"

And the next time you're in Microsoft Access, do a quick Help search for 'report' and you will find us right from within Access.

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