Report Wizard for Microsoft Access

Report Wizard for Microsoft® Access®

and SQL Server®

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Think of it as your personal Access guru ;)

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Novice and End-Users:

  • Create unlimited styles of reports and mailing labels in just 5 steps!
  • Change you mind after creating and saving a report? No problem, just click 'edit' and make changes.
  • "Smart filtering" depending on the kind of data in your columns, enables you to get just the data you want.
  • "Smart formatting" guesses column widths, page margins, orientation, and even font sizes based on your data.
  • Elegant formatting options such as row and/or column shading, lines, and even add your own logo!
  • Sum or average columns, group results by common values, count records, etc.
  • Easy export buttons to quickly analyze your report with Excel or send to Word.

Take a 5-step tour of the screenshots below in creating a sample report:

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Gladstone's Access Report Wizard features